Passion and research in the world of artistic perfumery

Bj Distribuzione was born in 2012 in the heart of Sorrento, between the world-known beautiful Amalfi coast and the Gulf of Naples. For its geographical position, for the culture of hospitality, for the history of this land, Sorrento has always been a holiday destination and residence for people from all over the world.

In such an international environment, accustomed to beauty, we have started to import and distribute beautiful things from the world, taken from our travels, from our life experiences living in other countries, from our personal origins. We worked mainly with countries like France, the United Kingdom, Mexico, the United States.

In 2016 an agreement with the Demeter Fragrance Library of New York for the distribution of the brand in Italy and Europe marked the beginning of our experience in the world of artistic perfumery. The brand, known in Europe as The Library of Fragrance, is now present in most European countries and the United Kingdom, with much of the work done on the web and booming.
Together with the distribution of The library of Fragrance, today we have also undertaken an all-Italian production project of cosmetic products of the brand.

Almost simultaneously, in 2017 the artistic perfumery Sabina Scents was born in Sorrento, a meeting place for fragrance lovers from all over the world. A welcoming and informal place, which hosts the best brands of world niche perfumery, from the best known to the emerging ones, yet to be discovered.

Passion and continuous search for beauty are the engines that led us in 2020 to expand distribution in Italy with prestigious companies such as The Spirit of Dubai, Memoize London, Ilk Parfum.

The Bj Distribuzione company is a reality, but also a project, the result of the same perseverance, passion and determination that us as founders and a couple in life, put into the growth of our family.

Antonio Cappiello e Sabina Di Maio