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Intense indulgent fragrances, explore power, creativity and sensuality and encourage self-expression.

The Spirit Of Dubai second generation

The seven wonders of the city: the Sea, the Desert, the Skyline, the Arabian Horses, the Natural Ingredients, Luxury, Arabian Hospitality.

Christian Provenzano

A journey of discovery, inspiration and creativity


Fragrance conceptualisation and realisation is a fascinating voyage in itself scouring the world in an eternal quest to evolve and innovate

The Spirit Of Dubai

Inspired by Dubai’s rich and diverse cultural heritage, each of the fragrances is a tribute to the city.

Memoize London

Discover The Dark Range, inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins and The Light Range, inspired by the Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Ilk Perfume

A niche perfume brand inspired by human nature, our moods and our character.

The Library of Fragrance

A collection of about 300 different fragrances inspired by objects and experiences of everyday life.