Luce Di Sorrento

When science meets territory.

Luce di Sorrento was born from a long research project within the functional dermocosmetics, linked to the Sorrento territory, to create an innovative high-quality beauty treatment that helps counteract the effects of time, for visibly younger and more radiant skin.
Luce di Sorrento laboratories have created the LemonLux ™ complex exploiting the intense natural antioxidant and moisturizing action of the Sorrento Lemon and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Sorrento Peninsula, leaving the face surprisingly luminous and giving an unexpected aromatherapy action thanks to the delicate scent of lemon. The products are characterized by very innovative formulas, able to combine the undeniable effectiveness of topnotch cosmetics with the precious uniqueness of the natural sources of youth of the territory.