When perfume becomes simple, conscious and committed

This is the story of a brand that was designed with a clear and simple intention. Perfumery – especially in the case of niche brands – has always told stories, but does that lyrical and poetic universe really improve perfume?
Undressing a perfume to discover its pure dimension is the very essence of Olibanum.

To express its creativity and uniqueness, Olibanum has chosen olibanum, a rare resin more precious than gold. Coveted by pharaohs and kings of antiquity, and used for centuries as a sacred offering, it has adorned altars in India, Africa, Europe and Mesopotamia.
As a distinctive note of the Olibanum fragrance collection, the essence of olibanum blends with an emblematic raw material of perfumery.
From India to the Horn of Africa and via the Sultanate of Oman, olibanum resin is harvested by cutting the bark of the Boswellia tree to awaken its woody, aromatic, balsamic, mineral, spicy and citrus tones.

Even if simplicity is not always synonymous with perfumery, it is still one of the pillars of Olibanum. Perfumes that say how they smell and which smell like they say aim to be anything but ordinary.
For each Olibanum fragrance, the composition remains deliberately simple: Olibanum + 1 raw material.

Olibanum is intent on minimizing its environmental impact. Only ethical ingredients and safe synthetic molecules are used in this collection. Whenever possible, our natural raw materials come from conservation and/or return programs.
The olibanum used in each of the Olibanum creations comes from an extraction method that does not generate greenhouse gases or pollutants.
The bottles are made with 40% lighter glass, which means less material needed for production along with a reduction in emissions, logistics and transport. The screws are easily removed from the pump, making each bottle fully recyclable.

Olibanum has also chosen not to use a cap on its bottle, opting instead for a safety clip, thus eliminating the production of an add-on and also avoiding unintentional evaporation of the perfume.
The boxes, made from recycled cardboard, are recyclable, unaltered, unbleached and unpainted. As for the labels, we use solvent-free water-based ink and glue.

Olibanum wants to be involved in improving global well-being and is committed to supporting various humanitarian projects and development aid. Since its launch, Olibanum has partnered with associations such as L’Homme et l’Environnement and Gazelle Harambee to help finance the livelihood of local communities by increasing their income while also respecting their way of life.