Renier Perfumes

renier perfumes

Perfumes inspired by paintings

Renier is the third generation of a family of plastic artists from Cuba, blessed by a double creative motivation: he believes every stroke of paintbrush has its own scent.

Artist since childhood, he began very soon to be interested in the origin of certain odors of the materials with which he worked. The artistic sculpture in wood most captivated him and motivated his intentions related to the fragrances.

The bitterness of Guayacan, the sweetness of the cedar or the precious aroma of the Sabina gave him the definitive inspiration to feel trapped by the magic of perfumes and the desire to experiment.

After successfully completing his artistic career and once established in Europe, Renier was able to learn about great classics of modern perfumery.

He created his brand of perfumes inspired by his paintings. Even build both simultaneously. Renier’s first fragrances are the result of his brushstrokes and cooperation with Daniel Josier.

renier perfumes